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Tips you need to decide which bag to invest in

Adding a quality bag to our collection that will become our best ally for several years is not an easy matter. The designs of premium firms or the universe of luxury made with first-rate materials tend to have a high price and investing in them is a decision that we should calmly meditate if we do not want to regret the first change.

Handbags are a trillion dollar global object of desire, and finding a worthwhile design depends on a number of factors. Beyond betting on a model that seduces us for its beauty, aspects such as comfort, timelessness, materials and finishes are essential to buy a bag that will be the king of our wardrobe today and 10 years from now.

Comfort and lightness, two basic
Before going into more technical aspects, we stop at two characteristics that we consider basic, that the bag is comfortable and that it weighs little. A lightweight model can accompany us throughout the day without causing uncomfortable back pain.

In addition, to this we add that the bag has several compartments inside (so as not to go crazy when looking for the keys or the purse) and that it can be placed in different ways (for example, a model that can be carried by hand or hung to the shoulder, so we can change position throughout the day). Versatility works in favor of a good bag.

That the material is of quality
In an article that we dedicate in particular to the difference between a low-cost leather bag and one signed by a luxury house, we discover that “cowhide is the most commonly used and here there are also many price differences, from split leather used by many inexpensive firms up to the grain skin (the first layer of the animal) with which they usually use first-class brands ”.

In Arte y Cuero we read that “cow skin is thicker and more resistant, so it will be less prone to breakage than that of another animal. Bags made with this material are usually flexible, breathable, ductile and can be dyed or left with its natural finish. It is durable, by which we mean that its aging is good and it can last up to five times longer than other types of fabrics ”.

In addition to taking into account the material with which the bag was generated, we must look at details such as the finishes, the stitches (the smaller the stitches, the more cost of production it has, so the quality is much higher) or the lujado (process that adheres the paint with some glue to the edges to seal the piece). Also, we will look for a resistant lining, the suede on the inside can be a wise decision, although the canvas is very popular.

The size, that fits your needs
Investing in a larger or smaller bag will depend on the purpose for which you are going to use it. If you are looking for an off-road jewel to accompany you from the office to a dinner, opt for a large-capacity shopping model. On the other hand, if you dream of a piece for special occasions, small format designs will be the best purchase. Another recommended option if you are not very clear is to stay somewhere in between, so you will have a bag that will adapt to different situations.

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